Do’s and Dont’s

Do:Only use your phone when necessary.

DONT:Don’t buy a phone with an internal aerial, you want the aerial as far away from your head as possible.

Do:Keep the calls short.

Do:Carry the phone away from your body when it is on standby.

DONT:Don’t buy a phone with a high ‘SAR’ value, this means that it emits more radiation.

Do:Buy a phone with a long ‘talk time’. It is more efficient, with less powerful emissions.

DONT:Don’t buy protective gadgets unless they have been independently tested.

It is very important to know and understand your phone as it is something you would use every day as it is part of the way in which we communicate and interact with others. It is essential that you are careful when using it in order to avoid endless repairs which will cost a lot of money and time and this is something we may struggle with. So why not consider phone in insurance?

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