Frequently asked questions

How does this work who pays for the ipad?

Instead of putting hundreds of thousands of pounds into out of date advertising campaigns many companies are now using affiliate marketing. This is where people are rewarded for helping spread the word about great products and services. The companies who are giving the offers and free trials are paying for the iPad’s in return for potential new customers.

Why do i need to put my credit card details in if its a free offer?

Basically it is to verify that you are who you say you are and that you’re not someone trying to get a free trial more than once.

How can the companies make money with free offers i don’t understand?

This is explained on the homepage in more detail but the company giving the free trial is hopeful that you like the service and carry on using it after the free trial period finishes. They are willing to pay for the opportunity of gaining new customers and it is much cheaper for them to do it this way than it is advertising on the TV or in national magazines. To be a success all companies have to advertise for new customers in one way or another.

Will any money be taken from my credit card?

Absolutely not! The offer is a completely free trial and you would only be charged if you decided to keep the service on after the initial free period is over.

Can i have more than one account?

It’s a very good idea to check out the rules page and also the terms and conditions on the Freebiejeebies website but the short answer to that is no! You’re only allowed on account per home / internet connection.

What is cloud computing storage?

Apple have many products such as Macbooks, Iphones and iPods especially which are really popular however they do seem to run out of storage at time and this is something really common.
It is important to understand how to manage storage and know the benefits there are to doing so andwhen it relating to computing iPod reviews can be a helpful source on how to do so