Best Free iPad Apps

Ten free iPad applications to download

So you have got your free new iPad and are ready to use it. But what free iPad Apps should you download? Well, here are some suggestions of the most helpful and fun ones that might give you an idea or two.

• Accuweather

The British do have some kind of obsession with the weather and so will love this free iPad app. Accuweather is a quirky weather application. It gives you the current weather conditions and the forecast for wherever you are but the fun thing is the app gives you the “lifestyle” page which figures out how the weather conditions where you are might affect the activity you are doing such as star gazing or dog walking.


For an application that is on a par with Kindle, iBooks is a great e-book reader. It also has the backing of the iBookstore. With a polished interface, Apple have made it feel as if you are actually reading a real book. It also has a backlit screen, unlike Kindle, to get that ultra-intuitive book experience.

• eBay for iPad

For the Ebay fans amongst us there is such a great app that you may never touch your ebay via a browser again! This free ipad app “eBay for iPad” is efficient and fast, it shows details and the images beautifully. The application also allows for quick fire sorting and drag based definition of the price ranges. Although it doesn’t have as many features as eBay mobile, these are due soon.

But what free iPad Apps should you download?

• Comics

One for children or any comic fan is the free ipad app Comics. It is innovative, your iPad screen can display an entire page without having to zoom in or scroll down. There are many free comics available too in the bundled store so if you are a comic fan then this is a great app for you.

• Dictionary

The free iPad app Dictionary works offline and gives you access to over 1,000,000 words and 90,000 entries in the thesaurus. This app is not only stylish it is also fast unlike a lot of the other free dicttionary apps.

• Flixter

If movies at the cinema are of interest then the free iPad app Flixter will allow you to see what’s showing at a cinema where you are. The iPad uses your current location to do this. You can also pick a film that you want to watch and Flixter will tell you where and when it is showing.

• Epicurious

For the chefs out there then Epicurious will give you thousands upon thousands of recipes. You will need a web connection but everything is at your finger tips. The free iPad app even gives you a shopping list of items you need for the recipes so you will never be caught out again.

• Find my iPhone

If you lose one of your Apple devices such as your iPad or iPhone then don’t panic. The free iPad app “Find my iPhone” lets you pinpoint exactly where your iOS devices are. It even shows you on a map!

• Yell

If you are travelling to a new place or don’t know much about where you are then the free iPad application “YELL” will help you out. It lets you know what services there are around you such as banks, restaurants, petrol stations and taxis.